Very dated, but still

This is one of the most inspiring and interesting articles I have read in some time . . . even if it was 3 months after its posting.

The /b/ Boys: Odd Future and the Swag Generation

“These are shameless kids, trying to one-up each other in order to amuse themselves. The videos for “French!” and “Earl” reveal a cracked charisma that’s hard to articulate. How far will you go to make someone laugh is a standard in the ritual emptiness of teenage life. Which explains their deplorable desire to rap about rape as much as it explains their slapping contests. What makes Tyler such a fascinating figure is how he pairs these indefensible expressions of depravity (From “French!”: “I’m opening a church to sell coke and Led Zeppelin/ To fuck Mary in her ass”) with a wounded emotional clarity. When Bastard isn’t about screwing around with his friends or violating women, it’s about the father he never met. The haunting opening song on the album, the title track, ends with this: “I just want my father’s email/ So I can tell him how much I fucking hate him in detail.” Tyler is clearly a loving son, aware of how his mother has been both crucial male and female figure in his life. He raps about both of his parents often. His screeds to his father make this otherwise ghoulish teenager sympathetic.”

(via Pitchfork)


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