News: Enigmatic Singer-Songwriter Eases Up on the “Whole Mysterious Thing” with a Blog

Musician Graym Grinsky, known to fans by the various monikers Horace Grim, Horace “King” Grim, and Grim Horse, has decided to drop the whole “enigma thing,” after years of painstaking efforts to keep his personal life and true identity a secret.  The Alabama born songwriter, widely regarded as one of the most influential figures in the modern folk/rock/independent music scene, has decided that perhaps all of this “name changing business” is just confusing to his fans.  Though he has released dozens of records over the past decade and a half under variations of stage names, including his own, he feels that the time has come to just “be normal.”

“It just got really tiresome, trying so hard to be nobody all these years,” says Grinsky, who has made bold attempts to seem weird and quirky for as long as he can remember, going as far as starring in comedic renditions of rap music videos, taking on roles in untapped independent films, growing antebellum facial hair, and only doing interviews with no-name publications to maintain his mystique.  “It got to the point that I didn’t even know who I was anymore,” he admits.  “At some point, you have to ask yourself, why not just be a normal, functioning member of society?”

The singer-songwriter has decided to take a bold leap forward in coming clean, starting his own weblog, entitled “Just Graym Grinsky.”  The blog features daily uploads of family photos, poignant anecdotes about his pet dog Charlie, and what he had for breakfast that morning at his home in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. 

“I just feel so liberated, so free.  Now that everybody knows everything about me, I can finally focus on my songwriting, the main point of all this hoopla.  It’s hard to write some good songs with all the quirks that come with maintaining a facade,” he told reporters.  “After all, behind all of the names and myths, I’m ‘Just Graym Grinsky.'”

Grinsky plans to release his most straightforward album of material, titled “Just Graym,” in the coming months.  “It is going to be very personal and funny, just about how normal my life is.  How I love my wife, my dog, and how I put my pants on one leg at a time like the next guy.”

Fans are already ditching their Graym Grinsky albums.  The task, however, is daunting, given “how many fucking albums this guy put out over the years.  Like that one by a band called Sea Figs, I didn’t even know that was his band,” says superfan Mike Hodges. ” I had to do a lot of research, but I think I dumped the last of them and deleted all the mp3s from my hard drive. It’s just such a let down knowing that Grinsky breathes and sleeps like I do.  I took comfort in wondering who the hell this guy was, but now that everything is up on his blog, I don’t feel anything for his music.”  Hodges continued, “I’m kind of regretting that tattoo I got after I heard the first Horace Grim album, ‘Horace Grim is nobody.'” 

Grinsky has already been dropped from his record label and has just put up a post on his blog entitled “Whoopsy-Daisy.”



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