Oh hey, Irony.

Irony, it’s been a while since we last crossed paths.  Thankfully, we had a brief meeting the other night, when Westminster’s Social Programme took us International students to see Billy Elliot, the musical.  Our seats weren’t great, and there was little leg room, but the show was pretty entertaining.  From the upper level, we watched young Billy pursue a life as a ballet dancer.  It was somewhat “feel-good,” but mostly just angry.  It got a bit tiresome, what with all of the angry British yelling about mines and “belley”, but I’m not scarred.  Anyhow, Irony was sitting right next to us in the form of a sign which stated that English law prohibited dancing in the theater.  It was probably just referring to a certain area in the upper level, as one could suppose that “dancing” might be a bit dangerous at the edge of a balcony.  Nonetheless, it was a bit funny given the nature of the play.  At first I said to a friend, “Ha, it would be funny if we were seeing footloose.”  Then I realized we basically were seeing footloose.  Irony, you are always fun to have around.


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