A Caps Fan in the UK? . . . Guess Not

Last night I went to a Wetherspoon’s (a chain of pubs) in Harrow, where my campus is. Upon entering, the first thing I saw was a man wearing what looked to be an ice hockey jersey. Then I noticed the eagle logo that once graced the uniforms of my very own Washington Capitals. Then I realized it was in fact a throwback black Jaromir Jagr Capitals jersey. Coincidentally, I happened to have been wearing one of my Washington Capitals T-shirts. I instinctively tapped the guy on the shoulder and said something to the effect of, “Nice jersey,” whilst pointing to my own t-shirt. He stared back at me with a confused and almost vacant stare. There was not a man behind those eyes, and if there was he was too shitfaced to know of his own existence. I repeated a similar line again, though I’m not sure why. He stared back with the same amount of nothingness as before. He turned away. Guess he wasn’t a caps fan. Nice jersey, though.


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