A trip to York, Fountains Abbey, and Howarth

This weekend, the Westminster Social Programme took us to York Minster, Fountains Abbey, and Howarth, in that order.  It started off with a 5 am wake-up after getting to sleep at 2.30 the night before.  No fun.  Why 5 am?  Oh, cause the Metropolitan line was closed again.  Yay 1.5 hour commutes that should take 25 minutes!  Well anyways, I made it to Baker street by 7.30, got on the coach, and we set forth on our journey.

First up was York. York is in Northern England, so it was cold, but the uncharacteristic sunshine kind of balanced things out.  York Minster was a big ol’ cathedral in the heart of a little town. It was quite cool, but kind of like every other old cathedral in the shape of a cross.  Before a tour of the Minster, we walked around the town, which has been popular for its chocolate for some time.  I ate a chili chocolate (spicy dark chocolate), got my first Fish and Chips in the UK, and went into dozens of candy shops.  Unfortunately, I got the Fish and Chips just before I spotted the ever-so-awesome looking Hog Roast restaurant.  Sadly, I did not partake in any hog, being full from a large fried fish on top of a mound of greasy chips.  It was truly a shame.  After seeing most of what York had to offer we went to tour lodges at a conference center attached to the town’s Racecourse Stables.  We were told that York is fun at night, so we went into town to get some food and drinks.  Almost everything was closed.  At 7.  On a Saturday.  We eventually found some overpriced but decent Italian restaurant before going back to the center to sleep.

The next morning we shipped even farther North to Fountains Abbey, the best preserved Abbey in all of the UK.  The structure was pretty spectacular and in surprisingly amazing shape, surrounded by green grass, lakes, and gardens.  That’s how they do.  We had some run-ins with sheep and ate some really good scones at the visitor center.

Then we went to Howarth, which was kind of meh.  Apparently the Bronthe family lived there, but we were all tired and didn’t really do anything but eat a mediocre lunch there.  I didn’t much care for Jane Eyre nor did I care for the town that birthed the novel.

All in all it was a good fun weekend and I met some good people.


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