Even British Professors Roll Their Own Fags

So, today was my first day of class.  The class, Cultural Criticisms: The Popular and Everyday, was at 11, so to be on the safe side, I left at 9.30.  (Un)luckily, leaving an hour and a half early was a good move on my part.  I guess the tube closings and delays from the weekend spilled over into Monday– my entire tube line was closed for the whole weekend, it took me 2 hrs to get somewhere that’s 20 minutes away– because guess what was once again closed today?  The Metropolitan Line.  Not only was my line closed between the two most important stations on it (Wembley Park and Baker Street), but it took a half-hour to get to Wembley Park (usually a 5 minute trip). I had to switch to a slower line and it was a mess.

Eventually, I got to the classroom at around 10:50.  It was weird to be one of the few people with an American accent, but I guess I saw that coming.  The Professor or, as they say on the streets, the Tutor, seemed nice and competent enough.  It was a two hour lecture/discussion split, with a 15 minute break in the middle.  As I walked out of the building to go get some Tea across the way during the break, I saw the Professor licking together a hand rolled cigarette, something that seems to be popular here amongst smokers.  I don’t know why, but it was kind of jarring to see a professor roll what looked like a joint for a split second.  It may just be me.

Anyways, hopefully the tube starts learning how to work efficiently.


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