A Trip to the Tate (feat. Jeremiah Budin)

Today took us to the Tate Modern, where we saw a large dark box, some nice paintings, and the like.  I also asked one of the more bizarre questions ever asked at any museum.  A friend of mine at Harrow told me that they had a sort of gas chamber simulator exhibit (which later turned out to be the huge dark box, pictured above).  Needless to say, I was enticed.  Curious as to where this alleged exhibit was, I asked one of the women with an “I’m here to help” vest on the following: “Do you know anything about a gas chamber simulator here?”  She responded with a confused answer, “There’s so and so exhibition which some people think may symbolize so and so due to so and so time period,” which was BS, because she knew exactly what I was talking about and pointed us in the correct direction.  It was creepy, but interesting.  The museum has quite the collection and it was a nice day about the town.  I took some pictures along the way.  I definitely need to stop waking up after 1 (13.00), however, ’cause these days are starting a little late.


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