My First Day – 16/1/10 – see what I did there?

So yesterday, aside from eating a crazy hamburger, I explored London with my new friend, Frank, and an old friend from Skidmore, Jerry.  We got a little acquainted with the tube system, which I will need to learn very quickly to survive in this place.  Switching lines like coke addicts, we did a quick survey of some of the London sites, including Big Ben, Parliament (minus George Clinton), and that big river, Thames.  We then went to get Jerry and I mobile telephones, which I now have (#07570059079 – call it), duvets (10.5 tog, learn about it), and some nice pillows.  We then walked around with duvets and pillows like idiots.  It was quite an eventful first day, especially considering I did not think I would see or talk to anybody for my first 48 hrs here.

After we returned back to the hall, Frank and a bunch of his friends invited me out for a night in Harrow where we “pub hopped” (phrase I just stupidly made up).  I tried some Ale called Abbot’s Ale and had a cider called Magner’s.  I’ve already met a lot of people and exchanged some numbers so things are looking good.  And today’s a new day.  Let’s make the most of it.


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One Response to My First Day – 16/1/10 – see what I did there?

  1. mira says:

    drew! youre so legit with your cool pictures etc. you make the metro look like some exotic interesting destination 🙂 glad youre off to a good start!

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