So that just happened . . . I met Geologist last night


So I was at a Flaming Lips concert at Merriweather Post Pavilion, the venue which lends its name to Animal Collective’s most recent triumph.  When the concert ended I thought I recognized a man waiting for somebody by the exit as Brain Weitz, better known as Geologist from Animal Collective.  Sure enough, it was he.  I went up to him, thanked him for his great music, spoke of my fandom, probably made a huge fool of myself, and shook the man’s hand.  He was a nice lad and he told me it was nice to meet me, even though I can’t really see how that would be possible.

Interesting to see that the guys from Animal Collective weren’t screwing around when they picked the name for their album, they live in Baltimore and they go to Merriweather to see shows.  They love Maryland and so do I.  Thanks again Brian, it was great to meet you.


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