Why didn’t anybody tell me 500 Days of Summer was the most depressing film since Schindler’s List?

A fair warning would have been nice.  This movie looked cute and innocent, kind of like the vibe you get when you catch a brief glimpse Zooey Deschanel’s infectious blue eyes.  My initial thoughts:”Oh, an indie friendly, quirky romantic comedy with one of the cutest actresses around.  This should be a nice little film.”  WRONG.


This movie pulls you in the same way those eyes do, using mostly Summer (Deschanel) to do so, and then, as you come to identify with Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), as you live vicariously through him, feeling all of the feelings he feels for Summer, 500 Days of Summer sticks its once innocent, cute little-girl arm through your ribcage, pulls out your heart, and throws that shit in the trash along with Tom’s.  But it does it so well, it’s hard to get mad at it.  It’s one of the most bittersweet movie going experiences I’ve ever had.  I love Zooey Deschanel, but for a little while after seeing this movie, I hated her with a passion.  I got over it, but unfortunately Gordon-Levitt’s character never will.  Not for the weak hearted, and not for those who just got out of a relationship.  What a sad, sad film.  I hope Zooey doesn’t pull that shit on Ben Gibbard in real life.


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