Thom Yorke debuts new song at Latitude

Why can’t I live in England?

UPDATE: HQ Video Below

Here’s a snippet of a new Yorke penned tune, tentatively titled “The Present Tense.”  No word on whether the track is a Yorke solo endeavor or an in-the-works Radiohead tune.  Either way, I’m excited to hear the bootlegs from this show and watch it develop into something otherworldly, as is inevitable.

New + Radiohead Related = Excitement.

Check out a slew of vids over here, and hopefully a bootleg with surface soon.

Set List:


Thom Yorke Latitude Setlist (via Melophobe)

01 The Eraser
02 Weird Fishes/Argpeggi
03 Atoms For Peace
04 Harrowdown Hill
05 Follow Me Around (”One that’s on the shelf and never made it off. Did you like that? Good! It’s on YouTube now”)
06 Everything In Its Right Place
07 The Present Tense (”A New song, so you know, go for a piss”)
08 Cymbal Rush
09 Black Swan (Not too confident about his guitar loops: “It’ll be a miracle if this works”
10 Videotape

11 There There
12 True Love Waits (”Thank you for having me. Have a wicked Sunday”)

Check out that “Like Spinning Plates/Everything in its Right Place” medley.  Also, now we know Thom yorke can’t remember his tuning or instruments.  Human After All.


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