Since when does Trent Reznor act?

Gerard_Butler_in_The_Ugly_Truth_Wallpaper_1_800trent-reznorApparently he is going by the name Gerard Butler.  Also, here’s his coda on getting recognized as an emerging artist.


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7 Responses to Since when does Trent Reznor act?

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  2. Trent Reznor says:

    Don’t be a sucker…

    • rileys mama says:

      trent, my boyfriend met you once at the airport, and he wont take the pic off the wall paper on his phone… you need to come to indiana and shut this boy up. 😉 oh and you’re way cuter than that gerard dude. what were they thinking?

  3. Martin Bertrand says:

    Gerard Butler? “Apparently”? Come on now… If anything, Trent has some facial similarities to actor Alan Rickman (i.e. Severus Snape in the Harry Potter films).

  4. raina says:

    dude, no way. this doesnt even come close to his sexy ass. whoever put this up is retarded

  5. Luciano Giampaglia says:

    Trent doesnt act, he simply does.

    And this Gerard Butler, simply doesnt.

  6. como say iiama? says:

    He is NOT Gerard Butler!!! And Martin Bertrand ^^^^^^ is right he does look like “prefessor snape from Harry Potter. Def. not Gerard. He is to pretty.

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