Something for the Weekend: Albums of the Week (7/3/09)

Wow, it’s been a while.  I probably, err definitely, don’t have many loyal readers, but if I do, I know it’s been a while since I’ve done albums of the week.  The way this usually works is I pick personal recently discovered older albums and a favorite newer album and talk about them.  Just suggestions for those who may have not heard these records yet.

For the 4th of July here are my two picks.



The Antlers – Hospice

So maybe another band with the word “Antlers” in their name isn’t such a bad thing.  The hazy, chilly atmospheres introduced with Hospice are evidence enough.  The brainchild of Peter Silberman, who released several solo recordings under the Antlers moniker, has since evolved into a band of sorts.  The music is loud and climactic, emotive and earnest, and has a very intriguings sound.  As the title suggests, Hospice (defined by wikipedia as a method of medical treatment and a philosophy of care which focuses on the palliation of a terminally ill patient’s symptoms) is a filled with dreary subject matter.  Though it’s difficult to catch each word, the overall mood ain’t happy.  Themes of illness, fractured relationships, and depression are all there.  Allegedly crafted while Silberman was in isolation in his NY arpartment,  this indie folk/rock meets pop-Shoegaze record is pretty stunning.



Scott Walker – Scott 4

So apparently Scott Walker is the original baroque pop master, which is news to me. A 2006 documentary, entitled 30th Century Man features interviews from David Bowie, Radiohead members, and Damon Albarn among others.  Anyways, his sweeping orchestral pop was pretty much the inspiration for a whole genre of music.  Released in ’69, (his first in 67), many cite Walker as an influence on their tunes.  And for good reason, this stuff is pretty awesome.  Check it out.


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