Spencer Krug’s Favorite Venue is the Black Cat

black catOn Pitchfork’s most recent guest list, they asked the guys (and gals) of Sunset Rubdown some questions.  When asked about his favorite venue, Spencer Krug responded:

Right now, probably Black Cat in Washington D.C. Not because it’s beautiful or because the sound is amazing or anything, but because the staff are really laid back and gracious and fun. It’s an easy place to be. They treat bands well and aren’t condescending. This last time Sunset went through, they had an old TV out back to throw away, and after we’d packed up our sound-person Dave asked if he could smash it, which is something he’s apparently into. What did the staff do? They brought him a sledgehammer. They even took a few swings themselves. Then we all cleaned up the wreckage together and parted ways. I thought it was really nice.

Too bad I’m going to have to miss them/may have already missed them when they play/played there this summer.  Shucks!  Gotta show that DC pride.

Check out my review of Dragonslayer, the stellar new relase from Sunset Rubdown, over at CoS.


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