Music for the Dark Knight. . .

After seeing the midnight showing of the Dark Knight, I noticed that most of the music in the film was simple orchestral stuff.  I mean, it suited the film, but I got to thinking about what music would inspire the behavior and moods of the characters.  I mean, really, what would Bruce Wayne listen to on his batpod (he’s gotta have a custom one) while “secretly” lurking in the shadows dressed up like some funny looking bird?  What would The Joker want to hear while fishhooking his victims and divulging his anecdotes about his scars? Here are playlists that I have come up with:

Batman.  I get the sense that Batman would have a pretty extensive collection of Dark tunes.  I mean, he’s not the most easy going guy.  His playlist would probably look something like this:

1. Godspeed You Black Emperor! – “Static” 

You want eerie and dark orchestral stuff, I think these are the guys to talk to.  At over 20 minutes, there’s enough of the song to go around. 

2. Earth – “Raiford”

If you haven’t heard these guys, it’s essentially the darkest and slowest metal imaginable.

3. Nine Inch Nails- “Eraser”

 For some reason, I feel like Bruce would have a dark song by Trent blasting in the batmobile.

4. Sigur Ros – “Flugufrelsarinn” 

Just slow powerful post rock, perfect for a scary superhero.

5. Sonic Youth – “Tom Violence”

Dark, has violence in the title, what more could you ask for?


The Joker.  Now the Joker would have to listen to music that combines his insane and dangerous wackiness with utter darkness.  I’ve got just the thing:

1. Battles – “Atlas”

Could get you pumped up, but also has high pitched munchkin vocals.  I think I’ve made my point.

2. Tom Waits – “Hoist that Rag”
The most wacked out and angry Tom Waits gets, which says a lot about how wacked out it is.

3. Liars – Anything off of Drum’s Not Dead

4. Hella – Anything off of Hold Your Horse Is

Explosive hyperspeed guitars and drums.

5. Can – “Augmn”

Basically the freakiest music I have ever heard.  I could see the Joker liking it.


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