Something for the Weekend: Albums of the Week (7/11/08)

This week I have found it in myself to search wide and far for music I have never heard of before. In this search I succeeded to find several noteworthy artists, new and old. Reading blogs, scouring charts, and hypemachining till I drop, I have decided on these two albums as favorites for the week of July 11th, 2008. Enjoy!

The new album I am loving, which I only found yesterday, is the self titled debut from Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson. Yeah, try remembering all four of those names without looking back. Anyways, this guy is pretty awesome. The music is hard to describe, but let’s just put it this way: it combines folk qualities with Isaac Brock-esque vocals and Pavement-esque energy. There is some power, some subtlety, and most of the songs are fairly personal.
Here are some songs off the record, my favorite would have to be “Buriedfed”. You just gotta hear it.

Key Tracks: “Buriedfed,” “Debtor,” and “Woodfriend”

The older album, or artist in general, that I am simply in love with is Jonathan Richman [and the Modern Lovers]. I heard this guy, and I honestly had no clue how I’d never come across him before. Apparently he did music for There’s Something About Mary, but I didn’t recognize it. It’s quirky, fun, naive, folk music. His earlier stuff in the late 70s with the Modern Lovers is more electric rock. The albums I really love are Modern Lovers, Modern Lovers 88, and I, Jonathan. Jonathan Richman sees the world differently from most of us, and his music is evidence of it. Songs like “Ice Cream Man” and “I Have Come Out To Play” represent testiments to childhood from a man who never lost the freedom of being a child. If you have ever heard Jens Lekman, its safe to say that he took a lot from Jonathan. The music is just great.

Key Tracks: “I Have Come Out to Play”(Modern Lovers 88), “Dignified and Old” (Modern Lovers), and “I was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar” (I, Jonathan).


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