Albums of the Week: (7/4)

Although belated, I have decided to inform anybody who cares about the albums I enjoyed listening to last week.

As far as the new one goes, not much really caught my attention.  I got a sneak of the new Beck album, Modern Guilt and I think its his best since Sea Change, my favorite Beck album.  Its more cohesive than his last scattered albums, having an overall 60’s psychedelic rock feel.  The highlight would have to be “Chemtrails,” a captivating beautiful tune.  Check it out, hits stores tomorrow.

modern guilt
Key Tracks: “Modern Guilt,” “Chemtrails,” “Gamma Ray”

The older album I’ve been loving is NIN’s With Teeth.  Initially poorly received by fans, partly due to the long gap between album releases, it has become one of, if not my favorite, Nine Inch Nails album.  It is powerful, subdued, angry, and pleasant, sometimes all at the same time.  Paranoia and stress surround each song, but Reznor pays such close attention to detail that the paranoia consumes you, and you like it.

with teeth
Key Tracks: “Only,” “The Hand that Feeds,” “Sunspots,” “Right Where it Belongs”


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