Annuals w/ Hymns: IOTA, Arlington, VA, June, 19th, 2008

I had never been to the IOTA before this Thursday, due to the fact that it is a 21+ club, but was allowed in this time to see my cousin’s band, Hymns, perform. This is the second time that I have seen them, and each time has been great. They presented a powerful, energetic performance of alt-country-rock -pop music combining elements of SPOON, Pavement, Neil Young, and so on. The songs are catchy, but remain heavy. I was impressed with the performance, and see no reason why they have not yet achieved higher levels of popularity. I particularly enjoyed their cover of Neil Young’s “Don’t Cry No Tears Around Me.”

The headliner, Annuals, I had also seen prior. They barely fit on the small stage, a band with 6 members, including 2 drumkits. The style can best be described as emotive, synth infused folk music. I really like their sound, which is also very energetic. I did not see the whole set, as I was with my father who mainly came to see my cousin perform, but what I saw I thoroughly enjoyed.



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