Girl Talk – “Feed the Animals”

girl talk

Simply put, Gregg Gillis is The Man. Not only has he created some of the most intricate mash-ups of all time, but in doing so he has transformed mash-up DJing into a form of artistic expression. His pair-ups do not just “sound cool” together, they are social commentaries. They speak out about cultural issues. Take for instance, one of my new favorites, “I wish I had Jesse’s girl . . . but I’d rather get some HEAD!” With mash-ups like this, it is easy to see that Gillis is mixing things up in more than one way. Pop music is different than it once was, and Gillis is trying to point this fact out, among other things. Not only do the songs do this, but the mash-ups move so smoothly and alternate so quickly that your mind can berely comprehend them. The most perplexing thing about Girl Talk is that a person can take two, three, or four songs, make them his own by transforming their meanings into something entirely different, then do the same thing ten seconds later for an entire album.

“Feed the Animals,” of which the title itself is social commentary, plays out just like a sequel to 2006’s “The Night Ripper.” He piles on layer after layer of our old pals, but he also brings along some new friends, selectively: The Velvet Underground, Aphex Twin, Radiohead, The Band, The Beach Boys, David Bowie, Hendrix, RHCP, Wu-Tang Clan, and, of course, Soulja Boi. Aside from the fact that it will be played at millions of dance parties from now till forever, like always, it is laugh out loud funny. The layers speak to one another, poking fun at each other’s lyrics and musical cliches.  Not only that, but he transforms inaccessible music into dance party anthems.  Who would think that “Paranoid Android” would be danceable? And the best part is that if you put it on repeat, like the rest of the songs, the first and last fade into one another. It’s a never ending party!

Gillis has done it again, but this time he has come to our suburban homes, put his emblem on our lawns in flames, and left us with a trying but fun as hell piece of artwork, illegal or not.


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