If you have ever wanted to challenge the RZA or GZA to chess, now you can.  Thanks to the new site wuchess.com, not only can fans play chess with members and one another, but they can socialize.  It’s like a wu tang myspace! what could be better?  And if your still interested in finding out just extactly what the “mystery of chessboxin'” is, I’m sure you could find that answer here, but not for a small price, the site costs $48 a year! what a ripoff.

“WuChess.com is the worlds first online chess and Hip-Hop community. You can create and share profiles with your friends and triumph over enemies on the 64 squares. Not just against people in your neighborhood but from all over the world. ”

Of course its the first “online chess AND hip-hop community,” I mean look at that matchup. ROFL 



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