turns out I saw Ryan Adams in LA . . .

with new hot girlie Mandy MooreAdams with hot new ladyfriend Mandy Moore


Upon my arrival to Los Angeles a few weeks ago to visit my friend who lives there, we drove by a coffee shop.  Sitting outside at one of the tables there appeared to be a bleached blonde Ryan Adams.  I looked at my friend who also agreed that the guy looked like Ryan Adams with blonde hair.  We continued on, shrugging it off.  Last night, as I flipped through rolling stone’s “random notes,” a collection of photos, I saw the same Ryan Adams I had seen in LA.  Turns out his hair is now blonde.  I had always said that Ryan Adams is the type of person I could never recognize because he goes through so many different looks, but I guess I misjudged myself.  Considering the pace at which he works, I am in awe of the fact that the guy ever leaves his studio or home. (see dradamsfilms.com or his 10+ unreleased albums).Too bad I didn’t trust my own instincts and go say hi to the guy. 


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