Regina Spektor Celebrates Israel: The National Mall; June 1st, 2008


I have to admit, although I am jewish, pretty much the only reason why I wanted to go to the Israel @ 60 celebration on the national mall was to see Regina Spektor perform.  I am not a huge fan of her music, but recognize her talent and ocassionally listen to some of her songs. 

This festival/gathering/party was the ultimate jewfest.  There were dozens of tents spewing out unnecessary ammounts of israel history and information, none of which I ventured into.  One of the highlights was definitely Mandy Patinkin’s communal recitation of his famous line from “The Princess Bride” before he introduced Regina to the stage. 

If there’s anything to say about Regina Spektor is that she has a very ‘cute’ stage prescence.  She appears so modest, bashful, and cheerful, that it almost seems that it is her first time performing in front of a live audience, let alone thousands.  Considering the style of music she plays, it isn’t too exciting, but she nails every note in every song she sings.  She certainly is a very unique musician, sometimes even playing piano and using a chair as a drum simultaneously, while singing her melodies with her soothing and calm voice. 

The crowd did not seem to be too into the whole concert thing, considering the actual reason most came was just to, you know, celebrate that country in the middle-east.  While trying to actually pay attention to the performance, I overheard dozens of typical old jewish women asking questions such as, “Have you ever heard of this person?” which in turn recieved responses such as, “No, but the kids seem to know about her.”  Anyways, she played a few of my favorites “fidelity” and “Samson” and it was a very easy going performance.  She did, however, forget a verse to one of her songs and actually asked for an audience member in the front, who had been singing along to every song, how the song went.  It was a fun experience.



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