in preparation for bonnaroo . . .


Yes, just 8 days away, Bonnaroo 2008 in Manchester Tennessee is approaching very quickly. I have assembled the The top 10 important things to help you at, on the way to, or before Bonnaroo:

10. Do not forget something in the tent when packing it up. Chances are, you will forget about it and won’t see it again until the next bonnaroo.

9. Don’t forget your hippie mace. They can get a little close, so it’s always a good idea to bring an extra bottle for protection.

8. Don’t take a ‘nap’ in between shows. You WILL sleep through the show you are planning to see. I missed DJ shadow last year because of it, and my friend slept through tool.

7. Don’t forget to pick a scene and stick with it. With all the hipsters, hippies, and other different types of concert goers at bonnaroo, you will want to make sure you don’t get placed in the miscellaneous category.

6. Bring a WATER BOTTLE. I recommend a camelback, easy to carry and holds a lot of watah.

5. Don’t spend all of your time at shakedown street. For many, this can be the most attractive part of the bonnaroo experience, but I can assure you, what lies beyond the gates to the ACTUAL FESTIVAL is what you want to see.

4. Leave early, waiting in a line of cars for 10 hrs is no picnic.

3. Don’t be bogged down by non-music fans. If one of your friends wants to go and isn’t into music, convince him/her that they don’t actually want to go. By the end of the first night they’ll be sick of it and want to go home anyways.

2.Don’t bring too much of your own food. The amount of time spent at the campsite is not even close to enough to eat it all.

1. Remember your ticket. Yes, one of my friends forgot his.


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